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Luxury Pool Remodel Fort Lauderdale

Expert Swimming Pool Remodeling by PoolSide Renos

Why Choose Poolside Renos for Your Pool Resurfacing Needs?

Transforming your backyard into a personal oasis in Fort Lauderdale begins with a luxury pool remodel. With over 30 years of experience, Poolside Renos, a premier division of Discount Pool & Patio, specializes in elevating your pool to a luxurious haven.

Whether you’re nestled in the vibrant community of Fort Lauderdale or the picturesque areas of South Florida, our team is committed to crafting a bespoke pool that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Tailored designs that blend seamlessly with your outdoor living space.
  • High-quality materials for durability and longevity.
  • Comprehensive services including resurfacing, tile and coping, and energy-efficient upgrades.
  • Flexible financing options to make your dream pool a reality.

Understanding Luxury Pool Remodels

A luxury pool remodel goes beyond a basic renovation; it’s an art form that transforms your entire outdoor living space. 

In Fort Lauderdale, where the sun shines brightly and outdoor living is a way of life, a luxury pool serves as the centerpiece of your backyard. 

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that enhances your quality of life, providing a tranquil retreat for relaxation or a sophisticated space for entertaining.

What are the key considerations for a pool remodel?

Our Pool Pavers Installation Process

Design and Style

Choosing the right design and style for your pool remodel in Fort Lauderdale is crucial for ensuring it complements your home’s aesthetic and meets your lifestyle needs.

Consider contemporary trends, such as infinity edges or classic Roman shapes, to make your pool a centerpiece of outdoor living. It’s about finding a balance between timeless elegance and modern functionality, creating a space that not only looks appealing but also caters to your specific use cases, whether it’s for family fun, exercise, or relaxation.

Material and Finishes

The materials and finishes you select play a significant role in the longevity and maintenance of your pool. Options like quartz, pebble finishes, and glass tiles offer durability against the Fort Lauderdale climate while providing a stunning look.

Each material has its advantages, from the luxurious appearance of glass tiles to the durability and slip resistance of pebble finishes.

Consider factors such as exposure to sun and chemicals when choosing, to ensure your pool remains in pristine condition for years.

Added Features and Accessories

Incorporating added features and accessories can transform your pool area into a resort-style oasis. Consider adding waterfalls, LED lighting, swim-up bars, or a hot tub to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your pool. 

These features not only elevate the swimming experience but also increase the overall value of your property.

 It’s about tailoring your pool to your entertainment and relaxation needs, ensuring every swim is an experience.

Cost and Budgeting

Effectively managing your budget is key to a successful pool remodel. It’s important to set a realistic budget early on and discuss it with your pool designer or contractor. 

Factor in the costs of materials, labor, and any added features or accessories you’re considering.

Remember, investing in high-quality materials and professional workmanship can save money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of your pool.

Permits and Regulations

Before starting your pool remodel, familiarize yourself with local permits and regulations in Fort Lauderdale. 

Ensuring your project complies with local building codes is essential for avoiding fines and ensuring your pool’s safety and legality.

Your pool contractor should be able to handle this process for you, obtaining all necessary permits and making sure that the design meets all local zoning laws and regulations.

Services Offered by Poolside Renos

Pool Remodeling Fort Lauderdale

Custom Design and Quality Craftsmanship

Every luxury pool remodel begins with a vision. Our design team collaborates closely with you to bring your dream pool to life, whether you envision a modern, sleek oasis or a traditional retreat that harmonizes with nature. 

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your pool is executed with precision, from the selection of premium materials to the final touches that make your pool uniquely yours​​.

Resurfacing and Replastering

The foundation of a stunning pool is its surface. Over time, exposure to elements and chemicals can wear down your pool’s finish.

Our resurfacing and replastering services rejuvenate your pool’s appearance, ensuring its beauty and longevity. 

With a variety of finishes to choose from, including plaster, pebble, and tile, you can customize the look to suit your style​​​​.

Tile and Coping

Updating your pool’s tile and coping can dramatically transform its look. 

We offer a wide range of tile designs, from classic elegance to modern sophistication, to perfectly match your design vision. 

Our expert team ensures precise installation for a seamless and beautiful finish​

Deck Remodeling

The deck is not just a walkway around your pool; it’s a critical aspect of your pool’s overall aesthetic and functionality. 

At Poolside Renos, we specialize in deck remodeling to transform your pool deck into a beautiful, practical outdoor living space. 

Our selection of materials includes pavers, concrete, and wood, offering endless possibilities to customize your deck to complement your pool and landscape​​.

Water Features and Lighting

Elevate the ambiance of your pool area with custom water features and sophisticated lighting. 

From serene waterfalls to elegant fountains and invigorating jets, these additions create a luxurious resort-like feel right in your backyard. 

Lighting not only enhances the beauty of your pool and landscape at night but also extends the hours you can enjoy your outdoor oasis​​.

Energy-Efficient Equipment Upgrades

Modernizing your pool with energy-efficient equipment is a smart way to reduce operational costs while being environmentally responsible.

 Upgrades like efficient pumps, heaters, and filtration systems not only save on energy bills but also support a cleaner, more sustainable outdoor environment​​.

Safety Features

Ensuring the safety of your pool area is paramount, especially for families. 

We offer a variety of safety features, including pool covers, alarms, and fences, designed to provide peace of mind without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your pool​​.

Financing Your Pool Remodel

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Understanding the significance of investing in a luxury pool remodel, Poolside Renos provides flexible financing options to accommodate your budget. 

Partnering with reputable financial institutions, we offer competitive rates and terms, ensuring your dream pool is within reach.

From short-term plans to extended payment schedules, our financing solutions are tailored to meet your financial needs, allowing you to embark on your pool remodeling project without financial strain​​​​.

Why Choose Poolside Renos?

Choosing Poolside Renos means partnering with a team that brings over three decades of expertise, creativity, and dedication to excellence in pool remodeling. 

Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and local expertise sets us apart in Fort Lauderdale.

We’re not just building pools; we’re creating personalized outdoor living spaces that reflect your lifestyle and enhance your home’s value​​​​.

Pool Renovation  Experts

FAQs about Luxury Pool Remodel Fort Lauderdale

How often should I remodel my pool?

Depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions, it’s advisable to consider remodeling your pool every 5-10 years to maintain its beauty and functionality​​.

Can pool remodeling increase my property value?

Absolutely! A well-executed pool remodel can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor living space, potentially increasing your property’s overall value​​.

What is the process for starting a pool remodel with Poolside Renos? Starting your pool remodel is as easy as contacting us for a free consultation. Our team will discuss your vision, assess your existing pool, and provide a detailed proposal tailored to your needs and budget​​.

What is the process for a luxury pool remodel in Fort Lauderdale?

When undertaking a luxury pool remodel in Fort Lauderdale, the first step is to consult with a reputable pool builder who specializes in pool renovation. They will assess your existing swimming pool and discuss your requirements for the custom pool design, spa additions, and any other renovation needs. The design phase will involve choosing the right materials, features, and layout for a truly luxury pool that suits your preferences and complements your property.

How can I find the best pool remodel contractor in South Florida?

To find the best pool remodel contractor in South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, start by researching reputable pool builders specializing in luxury pool projects. Look for testimonials, reviews, and examples of their work to gauge their expertise in pool renovation, new pool construction, pool resurfacing, and custom swimming pool designs. It’s essential to also ensure they provide reliable pool service and have experience with luxury features such as waterfalls, oasis setups, and pool and spa combinations.

What are the key considerations for a luxury pool remodel in Fort Lauderdale?

When planning a luxury pool remodel in Fort Lauderdale, consider the layout and functionality of your existing pool and the potential for pool construction modifications. Explore options for pool deck enhancements, pool resurfacing with premium materials, and the addition of premium features like a custom luxury spa or waterfall. Ensure the chosen pool contractor


Embarking on a luxury pool remodel with Poolside Renos is more than an upgrade; it’s an investment in your lifestyle and property. Our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, ensuring every detail reflects your personal style and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to discover the endless possibilities for your pool remodel in Fort Lauderdale.