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Poolside Renos - A Discount Pool & Patio Company

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Our Process
The pool & patio remodeling process is a lengthy and multi-step process. Our experienced staff is here to guide you every step of the way.
When you make the decision to start working on your project, the following is an in-depth rundown of the sequence of events that will occur. There are twelve stages to go through before your job is finished, beginning with the stage of initial contact. Bear in mind that the preceding is merely a condensed summary of the entire procedure. When a member of our supervisors visits your property to provide a no-obligation estimate, they will take the time to sit down with you and go over each step of the process in greater depth. During each stage of the process, the knowledgeable members of our team will be there to address any questions or concerns you might have


1 When you initially reach out to us, we will assign you a specific rep that will come to your home at an allotted time. During this consultation, he/she will go over your vision, take notes and measurements and prepare a free estimate which you will receive later via email. (Time of estimate varies depending on scope of work and ranges from same day to a couple of weeks)

Showroom Appointment

2 After you receive your estimate, we encourage you to call your rep so he may answer any questions you may have. If everything is to your satisfaction you can call our office at 954-986-8533 to book your appointment so you can come into our showroom where you can see our wide selection of pool tiles, pool finishes, and decking material. Once you have made your selections you can sign your contract, make a deposit and receive a projected start week.

Projected Start Week

3 This is the week your job truly begins. The very first step of every job consists of draining the pool. This will take place on one of the days of your projected start week. ( Monday – Friday). If there is a change in this date we will let you know.


4 This may consist of Coping removal, tile removal, paver removal, excavations for extensions or any other forms of demo.


5After the old coping & tile has been removed we will pour and level a new beam depending on whether it is for a defined coping or French edge

Water Features

6 If there are any water features such as sheer descent walls or columns they will be constructed and installed.

Plumbing & Electric

7 If there is any equipment such as new lights, heaters, salt systems, pumps, filters, etc. that require special connection it will be done in this stage..


8Leveling sand or lime rock if needed will be placed around the deck. Decking material will be delivered and installed.


9The tile you selected is carefully placed and leveled to the inside of your pool to give it a beautiful finished look


10Plaster is the last step in the construction of your pool and is a two step process (one day each). First step is to prep the pool by acid washing it, coting it with bond kote, and chipping out hollows if needed. Second step is to plaster the pool with a hand-troweled waterproof plaster finish of your choice. After this, it’s time to add the water!


11After the pool is filled with water, a pool service technician will go on four consecutive business days to chemically balance, brush, and service the pool.


12The most important part! Now that you are set for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment in your very own backyard jump in and enjoy!

Things to Keep In Mind.

These steps are guidelines that we try to adhere to but as with every business in the construction industry there are circumstances that are unforeseeable and out of anyone’s control. These may include weather delays, industry shortages, job complications, etc. As such we encourage you to allot a cushion of time and money in your budget for such eventualities.

Based on previous performance we know that an average Pool & Patio renovation usually takes between 3-6 weeks from the day we drain the pool but that does not mean that we work on your project every day. Work days may seem sporadic but there is always a reason. We may be waiting for material, or for cement to cure or a plethora of other reasons so please be patient and understanding.